Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I've seen: the crown jewels

During my vacation in Sweden this July I came across a film sort of by accident that I want to talk a bit about. I was just hanging out with my mum, watching TV after dinner, and this film from 2011 came on. I don't often watch Swedish films. I have a few old favorites, mostly comedies, but for some reason I find dialogue in my own language hard to take serious, I don't know why. But in this beautiful film - Kronjuvelerna (the Crown Jewels) it worked! It reminded me of a film that I love - Big Fish, by Tim Burton. 

The Crown Jewels is a film where it's hard to tell exactly what time it's supposed to be set in. It's dreamlike, sweet and funny, but also violent, sad and dark. The story revolves around a boy and a girl born on the same day but into two very different families with very different fathers. It is set in a picturesque, unidentified small Swedish town and includes a brother with a syndrome, a first love that plays for the other team and a lake where a gold fish swims.

The characters, script and costumes are perfect. Several famous Swedish actors are in it, among them the beautiful academy award- winner Alicia Wikander, one of the equally beautiful Skarsgårds brothers and comedian Björn Gustafsson. Swedish hip hop artist Timbuktu also has a small role. 

I can't recommend the Crown Jewels high enough. I sure will keep an eye out for more films by director Ella Lemhagen.

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