Thursday, 25 August 2016

our guard-cone...

Here's an example of how some things are different in different countries. And I'm not talking about language or religion or anything, but just one of those small things that happen here, that would never happen in Scandinavia. 

The first times we visited our house before we moved in we often saw cars parked in the driveway, on the lawn or under the house in the shade. We figured they belonged to someone checking up on the house, or something like that. But as we moved in we realized that people still parked in our garden and in our driveway, probably because it is conveniently close to the office and there were no shaded parking spaces closer. As we had furniture and other stuff delivered to our house, and as we - back then - had our loaner car, this annoyed us quite a lot, especially when people parked on the lawn and thereby damaging the grass. Once I had to park our car so that I blocked two other cars from driving out, and then a lady came and rang our doorbell so that I could let her out. She excused herself by not knowing that anyone lived in the house, so I guess that was fine. I mean, the garden furniture, plants and other stuff should have been a giveaway, but whatever... We thought that as our house would look more lived in people would stop parking here, but they haven't! Some days I've gone out and there's a random strange car under our house. What I want to say with this is not that people here behave rudely or anything, but how fascinating it is how much this bothers me? I mean, except for the fact that our lawn has been damaged and those times when we've had stuff delivered - like a fridge and so on - and there have been cars in the way, it doesn't really matter that they are there, right? But it does, for some reason. I think as a Scandinavian, I'm used to the importance we attach to borders around our houses. Even the smallest of hedges is a ridiculously strong symbol back home, right? We want our little forts and in Scandinavia where we have a lot of space we can have and have gotten used to having them. I actually wrote an essay on this once...

Anyway. I've felt a bit silly at times, and it's fun to reflect on this. But. I actually still don't want people to park under our house. So I've taken measures. Let me introduce, the Cone. The Cone has been in our garden since we moved in, we don't know where it comes from, maybe it has served the same purpose to the previous tenants as it now does to us. It is a Guard Cone. We simple place it in the middle of our driveway and no one enters. Actually even people who have an errand here seems reluctant to move it and drive in. It is a very efficient cone. It also have a charming stick figure on it. 

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