Wednesday, 3 August 2016

summer in Sweden, 2016

Hello again! I'm back from 19 days in Sweden. Let me tell you, it was even weirden than usual ging on "vacation" back home... the 6 past summers we've lived in Norway and always went back for a week or so to visit family, but this time it felt so strange! It's like - my home now is in the tropics (even though I'm not at all used to this fact). It's warm all the time and people tend to stay indoors during the days to get away from the heat. But then in Sweden - where we actually had similar temperatures as here in Brunei for a few days - people go outside, enjoy themselves and have drinks in the sunshine. Because it's summer. Here the heat is just a fact, not a season. It's a completely different feeling.

Anyway. I had a good time back home. I spent one week at Herräng Dance Camp - like last year, but I'll give that experience a post of its own, later. Here's a short, illustrated summary of other summery (hihi) things I did:

First I went to Stockholm to spend some time with this new little guy. Gunvald the Puppy. He's cute. He likes to chew on hair and clothes and he is not super fond of going on walks. Probably because he's legs are so short. I can relate.

Here's Gunvald with his owner, a.k.a. my handsom brother. Both me and our mother came to visit him in Stockholm at the same time.

In Stockholm we went on a few short excursions. Like this one to Vinterviken to have a classic Swedish "fika" with coffee and cinnamon buns.

And to Moderna Museet, to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. It was really polka dotty and colorful. There were pumpkins, mirrors, lamps...

After I came back from Herräng my brother and me drove to the small town Kisa in Östergötland were a bunch of our relatives live. We spent an unusually warm and idyllic day on a small island that belongs to our cousins and where we used to spend a few days every summer when we were children.

We met up with dad in Kisa and together with him, Grandfather and Grandmother I went to visit the mansion Bjärka-Säby, close to where I grew up. Also to "fika". It's a thing. 

And then I continued south to my mothers house in Hindås, outside of Gothenburg. Over almost a week I spent time with her, my dear friend Lotten and her family and met up a few other friends in town. Mom spoiled me with good food every day and I did some shopping. Good times!

And that was all for this summer in Sweden! Or actually, maybe not. I'll go back for a few days in September... but who knows how much summer is left by then. Might as well be autumn.

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  1. I recognize a couple of places, and I was also at the Moderna Museet. I was about to buy some Yayoi Kusama washi from the exposition when I realized that I don't have my wallet and Ben had already left the museum. Hehehe.