Wednesday, 31 August 2016

the bedroom: before + mood

We finally have a bedroom that is bog enough to fit our bed without the risk of bumping you chins in it every time you walk past it. This room is situated in a corner of the house with windows in two directions so it's really bright. The built in wardrobe isn't very sexy but practical, I guess.



We already had most of the furniture for this room before moving in. We'd even bought a free standing wardrobe from IKEA in Stavanger that we packed without assembling, since we knew the houses here didn't have an overflow of storage, plus that buying furniture here might be tricky. The furniture we have is made of mostly oak veneer. I want this room to be bright, relaxing and functional when it comes to organizing and storing clothes. I don't want too much clutter but I still want it to be personal and warm.

Shopping list:
  • curtains, white?
  • a big white, fluffy carpet
  • bed side lamps
  • hooks for clothes
  • big plants
  • art

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