Saturday, 27 August 2016

the studio: before + mood

As I wrote about working from home last week, and getting the home office in order for the "school start" on Monday I realized I haven't shared my ideas and mood-board for this room, nor for a few of the others! I showed you my plans for half of the house, then went traveling and forgot the rest. Oh well, better late then never. Here are my plans for the home office - or the studio as I fancy calling it. This room has an OK size, with windows in two directions. The light in here is fantastic in the afternoon when the sun is low. Otherwise, white walls, dark brown wooden floor, ugly AC-units, like the rest of the house.



This is one of those rooms where I've seen so many stylish photos on Pinterest that I'm inspired by, but at the same time I know it will be impossible to keep it as tidy, monochromatic and chic as I dream of. This room is also tricky because all the pieces of furniture we have for it are pretty boring and old. And not cool old, but more like "the same IKEA desk that Andreas had in his bedroom at his parents house"-old. But I guess that is a challenge too, making it look a bit grown up. Another challenge will be how to make this room versatile and multifunctional, it has to be a good place to study and work on the computer, but also be a creative space for painting, drawing ans sewing. 

shopping list:
  • carpet
  • baskets for storage
  • art
  • wall calendar
  • plants
  • wall-mounted shelves

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