Friday, 19 August 2016

thoughts about working from home

The 29th of August the fall semester in Sweden starts, at least at the two universities where I'm going to take courses at, remotely. It's going to be interesting to see if it's even feasible to take these courses from here - what with the sometimes unstable WiFi connection and the time difference.  But that's another story. I'm excited to try "working" from home for a while and starting a little bit all over with a new topic is going to be fun. I hope. I also have some plans on doing my own design related projects beside the studies, that are more related to the degree I already have. I've been following bloggers that either live on blogging or other creative business from home offices, for a long time now, so I believe that I'm aware of some of the struggles with working from home already. Their experiences will help me a lot I think. Isn't internet fantastic? Anyway, here are a few issues I will need to address somehow:

Not having colleagues
Yeah, this is the big one. It's going to be interesting to see if there will be a feeling of community with other students from the courses I'll be taking, I have no idea how that works when you study from a distance like this. One thing that is going to make being alone so much easier is that Andreas comes home for lunch every day. That will give me a structure to my day and someone to vent with if things go bad.

Not being able to take time off
I'm actually quite good at taking time off, so I'm not super worried about this one. But it's still a thing - you can always study more, read more, work harder, go into more detail on a project. My strategy for this is partly based on location - I will only and only work in the office, and the second part is time - I will set working hours based on what works best in regards to the time difference in combination with having normal diurnal rhythm. I'm totally going to have weekends off too, by the way. Period.

Only seeing the inside of our house everyday all day
I love our house but I already feel some tendencies of cabin fever. To fight this off, I guess I will have to try and find activities outside of the house, preferably social ones, plus actually schedule beach walks and small excursions in the area.

"Letting myself go"
First. I hate that expression. It sound so degrading, somehow. But yeah, there is an overhanging risk I'll end up walking around in my PJs and not showering for days. I've read several blogposts on this, and since I agree with the statement that you should dress up for yourself, not for others, I plan to actually put on normal clothes as if I were going to meet people. Maybe even put on some makeup and brush my hair, but we'll see about that. I do feel more awake when I've done that though.

Being distracted by "home-stuff"
You know. "I really should empty the dishwasher" or it's really dry outside today, maybe I should water the lawn.." Again, I think this is best solved with set working hours. I'll probably even schedule some off time during the days to get these things done. Because then I can focus more easily.


So, that's it. I totally look forward to trying this. Now, I have decided that I have vacation until the semester starts the 29th, so I have even more time to prepare. But I feel ready, I just have to clean up the office and make it into a functional and creative space. And see, there are so many positive things about working from home! Like, having cat company all the time, drinking my own, very good coffee whenever I want, and not being disturbed by anyone. Sweet.

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