Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Weekend (tr)eats

Now that the addition of a mosquito net is done on our porch we sit out there more and more. Usually for meals, like weekend breakfasts and lunches, and the past few days we even had our lunch coffee together out there, when Andreas has come home for his lunch break. The view isn't awesome, especially now that they are building a parking-lot on the other side of the road, but otherwise this is a great place to just, you know, chill. Which we can do since we also installed a fan.

Anyway, I was supposed to talk about food. On Sunday morning we completely indulged with the worlds sweetest, most buttery and cinnamon-y and icing-y bun ever. Cinnamon-buns from Cinnabon. Omnomom. And we also had coffee-smoothies! Made from vanilla ice-cream, coffee ice-cubes (just coffee frozen in an ice cube tray) and frozen banana. And some milk. Weeeell, sounds like this was actually more of a milkshake, but anyway... We also tried a new juice flavor, apple/aloe with pieces off aloa in there. Not too bad, but I've had better stuff. 

And them two super easy things you can eat on a hot summer day, first: Fruit-salad, so underrated! This one is very yellow: banana, fresh pine apple and fresh mango. Nom. We had some honey on, but that wasn't really necessary. 

Amd then, toast with avocado and feta cheese. The best! Even better with some balsamico cream on, tbh.

OK, that was all this time, now I'm off to cook dinner!


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