Monday, 19 September 2016


I think Hugo might get more space here on the blog than Cricket. It's just because he's easier to photograph. It's as simple as that. A few days ago I caught little Cricky lounging on the sofa and I think she's looking so great I'm giving her a post of her own. 

A few things you might not know about lady Cricket:

  • She is very interested in the DVD player. It makes noises, it moves. It's her nemesis. 
  • She sleeps between Andreas and mine pillow every night, the whole night. She takes up a lot of space, but Andreas won't let me move her
  • For a while she couldn't really meow, like for a year or so, it was only pathetic little whispers that came from her. But now she's got her voice back
  • She is ridiculously soft
  • She can't open doors but she will reach up and hit the handle until you let her in
  • She is brave. Hugo is such a chicken, but Cricket likes to explore new things
  • She likes to be the little spoon

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