Thursday, 15 September 2016

podcasts I listen to right now

Podcasts are great. After constantly listening to audiobooks for 7 years I've just quite recently discovered that! Maybe you've been a fan for long, which would be awesome, then you can recommend me some, or you might be new to this and in need of some inspiration. Just be warned, half of these are Swedish, but so is half of you who reads this anyway so...

I started listening to this and the second one on this list after reading a blog post over at Keiko Lynn. She had a bunch of other recommendations but I've only come to this so far.
Listening to Lore reminds me of those times when I was a kid at a kayak camp or something, sitting around a camp fire and someone was telling ghosts stories. The host and writer Aarhon Mahnke, researches old myths, murderers, scary stories and unexplained phenomenon and we get to hear all about it. It's almost always a bit creepy and I don't really like to listen to them when I'm home alone in the night... perfect!

Mystery show

I love this one! It only has 6 episodes so far, but I think a season 2 is coming up... You know those small every-day mysteries you keep wondering about but can't solve? Well, in this podcast Starlee Kine helps people she knows getting answeres to things they always wondered about! That's it! And it's kind of every day stuff, but Starlee is the most charming person I've been listening to in a long time, and this show is both entertaining, sweet and fun.

Piskan och Moroten

For my Swedish readers: A workout podcast for people who doesn't really like working out. That's what this is. Two friends, Magnus and Ina, hosts this show. Ina hates working out, Magnus works with working out. In a very laid back fashion they talk about training, and beer, and other stuff, and the whole point is for Ina to go from never running, to running 10 km. I listen to this when I work out, to get motivated. It's fun!

Science vs

I haven't listened to very many of the episodes yet, but I like what I've heard. From iTunes description: "Science journalist Wendy Zukerman dissects the latest fad framing itself as scientific fact." This is a show where you learn a lot, and can get some seriously good arguments for when talking to less informed people. That's always nice. 


Another one for the Swedes! I've talked about this podcast before. Two guys, Henrik and Johan, watch Buffy and talk about it. It might sound boring, but if you are a fan of the show, like I am, it's just so nice to hear people talk about something you love! I usually listen when I iron, or do the dishes, and it makes everyday shores more enjoyable. 


  1. Ååh vad kul med podcast tips. Ska kolla in de där, de låter riktigt skojiga allihopa! :)

  2. If you've not listened to Serial, I think you'd enjoy that. And the one I keep on getting back to is Stuff Your Mom Never Told You (SYMNTY) which I believe you might have heard me talk about in the past.