Tuesday, 27 September 2016

singapore. it's great

As I'm not a huge fan of reading about other people's trips and holidays (it's honestly my least favorite posts to read on other blogs - it's as much fun as looking though someone else's old photo album...) I'm not going to drag this post out long. But I promised a post about our trip to Singapore, a week and a half ago. It was an awesome trip. We ate good food (this restaurant was lovely, I high recommend it) we drank good cocktails (like Singapore slings at Raffles) and we visited both to the Zoo and to Universal Studios. Plus the Gardens by the bay, including the clouds forest and the flower dome. All of these thing we're kind of touristy, but well worth the time and money.

Singapore is a place where you will see women wearing saris, hijabs and mini skirts walking on the same street, where you'll see a more selfie sticks, light shows, Pokemon Go playing people and fabulous architecture than anywhere else. Except for Tokyo. And other places, I don't know. But it's crazy! I also had a bloody awesome time hanging out with my super cool and handsome husband. I have been traveling a lot this past year, but not enough with him. It was great having a little adventure on our own. 

Man, this city is something special! I might be a bit colored by the fact that I live somewhere really small, with very little to do and that I haven't really seen people for a while, but I still think Singapore is one of the more spectacular cities I've visited. If you get the opportunity, go.

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