Saturday, 24 September 2016

sorting things out

Moving houses is a sloooow process... We got most boxes unpacked after only two weeks in the new house, but there are still some areas where I want to rearrange things, or drawers where I just threw some stuff in to get them out of sight. Junk drawers, you know. Those I plan to deal with slowly, one at the time, so I can actually make good decisions on what to keep and what to throw away. 

I took care of one of those jars of forgotten treasures the other day and it was such a lovely little collection of miscellaneous stuff I found that I had to carefully sort them and take a photo. Isn't it fun the things we decide we can't throw away? 

Gifts from friends (the porcelain nobs and origami-bird) a fortune in coins, keys I don't know where they go and other useful things!

Now all of these items have found new places (some of them the garbage can) and I can tick one of the clutter places off my list. 

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