Sunday, 4 September 2016

the bathroom: before + mood

Welcome to the smallest room on the "before" house-tour. The bath! And finally I have a tub, wohoo! Again a room where there's not too much that can be done, but on the other hand not to much have to be done. I like how this room, along with the bedroom and the office is in a part of the house that has a seperate little hallway that can be closed off from the more public space - the living room - with an actual door. See the floor plan of this post if you want to know what I'm talking about. Anyway. The bathroom has light beige tile on the floor, light blue-white tile on the walls - same as the kitchen - and like the rest of the house really generous ceiling height. The tiny vanity unit is of low quality and the mirror is a bit damaged, but again, something we just have to live with.


What I want to do in this room is to add as much greenery and light wood as possible, to counteract the feeling of coldness all this tiles creates. I'm going for a "hygienic-looking" color-scheme, blues and turquoise. Then of course storage is an issue, what with the vanity being tiny, and the I hope to add some small pieces of art too.

shopping list:

  • bathroom mat, quite big
  • stool, preferably made of wood
  • plants¨
  • art


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