Friday, 2 September 2016

the kitchen: before + mood

Our house has a cute kitchen. It's not big, but it has windows in two directions, a door that leads directly to a staircase down to the backyard a nice wooden floor and a gas stove. The cupboards are low standard and also actually very low, without the added height of a base that we are used to from back home. On the other hand,  the wall mounted cabinets on one side of the room are placed so high up I can only reach the first shelf. Strange but something we just have to live with. The floor is the same dark brown wood as the rest of the house but the walls are covered with a blue-white fake marble tile, up to about 2 meters.



This room is tricky, because there's not too much we can do. Mostly just add some accessories and well, kitchen appliances that might not be very stylish. But the main thing here is that it has to be practical, easy to keep clean, provide enough storage and be a nice place to cook. Oh yeah and the Smeg-fridge wont happen. Even if we'd decided to splurge it would be impossible to get a hold of one here. 

Shopping list:
  • a carpet, that will stay in place
  • shelves for wall mounting
  • curtains
  • new knobs or handles for the cabinets
  • art

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