Wednesday, 21 September 2016

time pieces

One good thing about moving houses is that you (are forced to) go through all of your stuff and might find things you forgot you had. I had one of those moments when I unpacked the boxes for our bedroom and found my watches. Most people use their phone instead of a watch, but I actually wear one everyday - a Whitings watch that is also a pedometer and a sleep tracker. And now I'm so addicted to knowing exact how many steps i walk every day and how many times the cats wake me up every night I only wear this one. But it's too bad in a way, because some of these are lovely! The blue Tardis one and the square leather one are my favorites, but the others are such nice records of trends that have gone by, right? The small steel one I got from my brother one Christmas when I was a teenager, and I think he gave me the white one as well, when I was in my twenties! I have a kind brother. Some of them are a bit worn, and none of them have a functioning battery, but now I kind of want to start wearing them again!

Now, which one should I use?

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  1. så fina! min favvo är den vita :D plus: älskar dina glajjor i profilbilden!