Wednesday, 12 October 2016

dancing in a castle

My reason for going on another trip back to Europe so close to the one I did in July was that I had another dance camp I wanted to take part in. Originally I had planned to go on only one, but ended up thinking, well,  more is more. And it was! Damn, dancing is pretty awesome. Anywaaaay, this time I went to to Germany with three of my besties to enjoy a week at Swing Castle Camp, at Schloss Beesenstedt in the small town of, just, Beesenstedt. This "castle" or mansion, has among other things been used by Freemasons and the communist party back in the day, the latter being very obvious all over this old and sort of run down place. It was wonderful, though. Me and my roomie for the week, Alison, didn't actually stay at the castel but in a guestroom hundred meters away, but we still got plenty of time in it. I had three danceclasses a day, this time I took classes in solo jazz, with two swedish teachers. One of these guys, Daniel, I've had in both tap and Lindy hop before, but I've never had the other one, Rikard. The classes was extremely useful, tiring and fun, and I'm so glad I ended up doing solo jazz instead of Lindy, my original plan.

This camp was "all inclusive" and we had breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for us at the castle. And it was so tasty! The weather also happened to be pretty lovely so we had many of our meals outside on the lawn or on the big balcony over the entrance. Oh, and one evening we had a three course gala dinner. Awesome.

The nights were spent partying and dancing until early morning. A typical evening in the castle would be dinner at eight, go back to the room and shower and get dressed, meet up with the other guys, Rich and Steve, for a drink and some relaxing. The actual dancing would start at about eleven, the (bloody amazing) live band would start playing at around midnight and then the dance floor would be active until four or five in the morning when the band moved into the bar for their third set and some more crowded dancing.

There was one big thing that put a damper on this whole experience. The airline lost my luggage on the way from Sweden to Germany, and for the whole week I didn't know if it would show up. I'd had some time to do some shopping for basic stuff like a few t-shirts, one dress, some underwear, deodorant and mascara, but that was it. And for 5 days with three workout-sessions plus a party every night it wasn't nearly enough. One of the things I love about dancing and social dances is that people dress up and I couldn't really. Plus I didn't have my adorable dance shoes or my tap shoes. Luckily I could borrow a lot from Alison, and I am so grateful for that. But still! When I finally was reunited with my bag, back in Brunei mind you, I realized some stuff had been stolen from it... I'm now in the middle of an e-mail conversation trying to argue that the airline should pay me for the things I lost. We'll see...

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