Monday, 31 October 2016

I have read: let's pretend this never happened

By Jenny Lawson

This was one of those books that I picked up at an airport, pretty much based on the cover. I wanted something light and entertaining and ventured out of my (fantasy/horror) comfort zone. This book ended up being way more entertaining than I expected. I laughed out loud (actually) several times, and had to read whole paragraphs for Andreas to hear. This book is an autobiography, and Jenny is hilarious. She is weird, in the best kind of way. The amazing thing though, is that she manages to get a whole lot of serious stuff in there as well. Like how it is hard to be different and how social anxiety is a very real problem. But most of the time this is pure hilarity, her talking about growing up with a taxidermist dad, with weird pets and on a farm in the middle of nowhere, America.

Halfway through the book I realized Jenny is also a blogger and started following her blog, the Bloggess. You should do it too, she's crazy, and I wish she was my friend. There I realized that not only is she an awesome, funny person, she also loves Doctor Who which makes her a genius in my eyes. 

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