Monday, 3 October 2016

link love: art edition

As we settle in to the new house I feel the need to update and replace some of the artworks. The gallery wall in the living-room will look pretty much the same as it did in our house in Stavanger, but I want new stuff for the kitchen, bath room and bedroom. So I've been browsing various web-shops and sites for a while and have found a bunch of new favorite artists! I tend to favor artist within the pop-surrealistic style, but I generally just like things that are beautiful, but with an undertone of humor or creepiness, preferably both. I admire people who master their craft and can visualize the fantastic ideas they have in their head.

Right now I have my eye on one or two prints from Beata who has a blog at Radar magzine. You should go and have a look on her work! I love her clever, pastel-y and inventive style. One of these will hang in our house in not the far off future, I hope!

Another favorite is Bokkei. This woman can draw! I've been follow her on Instagram for a while but she also has a blog and some of her artwork can be found on Society6. She makes fabulous portraits and her Astro Girl is on my wishlist right now.

On Instagram I follow the super talented - and gorgeous - Mag Graves. I love her sweet, fairy tale-scary little girls and animals. There are so much detail in her art, you can stare at it for ages and keep finding new things. She's so cool!

An artist that I just recently discovered via Pinterest is Simon StÃ¥lenhag. This guy blows my mind. You have to go and have a look. I was browsing through his gallery for ages and just couldn't stop looking. I have always had this huge respect for people that can create realistic artwork, if it's digital, oil painting or Promarkers doesn't matter (oh and people who actually have the imagination to paint abstract, that too is amazing, so hard!). Simon makes these retro-futuristic, haunting city- and landscapes and scenes that tells stories of a near future (?) where something might have gone very wrong. I love that so many of the settings looks so familiar and are still so creepy! Have a look, people, this guy is amazing and I want to buy all his stuff when I grow up.  For now I just bought the one print, named "We need to talk about Annika" for obvious reasons... I hope it arrives safely to Brunei soon...

I can generally just recommend to go in and brows on Society6. I actually just bought a few prints from there as well, that will be shipped to my moms address in Sweden, so I will pick them up once I get there in a few weeks. One of the artists I bought a print from is Sofia Bonati. I haven't seen much of her work but I love her imaginative and dreamlike portraits often combined with beautiful floral patterns.

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