Tuesday, 25 October 2016

our honeymoon, part five. Candidasa and Amed

I'll just go ahead and summarize our two last stops on our trip in one post. Partly because I don't want to drag this out forever but mostly because when we were in Candidasa we didn't do anything. I'm not kidding. We were both feeling a bit under the weather for a few days, and needed to chill. Well, to be fair, Andreas did actually do something, he went on a night/sunrise hike up mount Batur, but I wasn't feeling well enough to join.

The hotel we stayed at for three nights, just by the ocean, was really nice. We had, again, a little house of our own, the honeymoon suite. Obviously. The room was clean and comfortable, the pool was awesome, but the restaurant wasn't, or maybe it was just the fact that neither of us had any appetite during our stay. We spent the time there just relaxing, going for short walks up the road to buy ice cream, swimming in the sea or the pool or just reading. Very vaycay.

The final stop on our honeymoon was Amed, a small "town" on the east coast. As with Candidasa, we didn't really see much more of the tiny place than when we drove through it on our way to the hotel, but this place seemed to be more of a divers paradise than anything else. Which means it might be nice to come back here if we ever get around to start diving again. Anyway. I guess by this time of the trip we had done most of the things we wanted, and as we both still felt a bit low in energy we spent the short time here mostly at the hotel again. We only stayed for 1,5 nights, the half one because we had to leave in the middle of the night to catch our morning flight back home. But this hotel was cool too! Another small "villa" type of hotel, we had our own, completely round (!) little house with a small pool and a balcony overlooking the sea. It was like a little tower! This house also had an outdoor bathroom, yes, for real, and a very 80s decor and accompanying slightly musty smell... Cool though! 

That's it folks! We are just in the taxi on our way to our house in Brunei as I type this, so we are almost home. If you've read all of these post - good work! Soon the regular program will be back on... 

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