Saturday, 22 October 2016

our honeymoon, part four. Outside Ubud

The fourth place we stayed at was called Villa Awang Awang and was located 15 minutes outside central Ubud. This place is remarkable in many ways. First, we had a tiny house all by ourselves yet again. With a tiny pool (more like a bathtub) and a little porch overlooking a valley and rain-forest. Secondly, the architecture of this cottage was lovely, it looked like it was built of leftover material, and apparently both the architect and most material is local. Cool. All food was served in our little house and we ended up staying most of our two days here mostly in the cottage, with only short excursions to explore the surroundings.

Being here was cool in the way that we really were in the middle of nowhere. We went for a few walks and even borrowed some bikes to go in a slightly longer excursion, but all we saw was these small villages, rice paddies, temples and lots of people on scooters. We bought some snacks in the "warung" ( shop or kiosk) closest to our villa, but otherwise we didn't really do much. 

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