Saturday, 22 October 2016

our honeymoon, part three. Ubud

Ok, so I'm continuing with these very diary-like posts from Bali. I totally understand this isn't very interesting but I like to document this trip for my own sake so you just have to come along or skip it. I'm sure my mom and dad enjoys reading it!

On the fifth day we left the lively area of Seminyak for the calmer town Ubud. Here we checked in to Alaya Resort, a quite big hotel by a busy, narrow street lined with souvenir and handcraft shops. Alaya had an amazing spa, Dala Spa, that I used twice during our stay. I love massages and other spa treatments and even though this place was a bit pricey for Bali, it doesn't compare with what I'm used to in Norway so I decided to splurge. 

We took it a lot more easy these days in Ubud, not having too much planned and just lounging in the pool area and doing a little bit of shopping. One day we took a short walk to the Monkey Forest in the middle of Ubud, to have a look at the wild macaques living there. Andreas really likes monkeys. I think they are a bit too... Human looking. 

We had one thing pre-booked during our time in Ubud: A full day including river rafting and a visit to the elephant safari. The rafting was fun, although less exciting than I had hoped for, since the water was really low - not so much white water. It was beautiful just gliding through the rain-forest, though. We spotted some monkeys, a few iguanas and some pretty amazing huge trees. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from this on my phone... 

The elephant safari was nice too, but I had hoped for more "free ranging" elephants. These were 30 something Asian elephants rescued from Sumatra (Bali doesn't have elephants naturally) and a few babies born in captivity. I'm not sure how I feel about these things. I mean, it's obvious that the caretakers and park owners love these animals and they are very well looked after and taken care of. I'm just not sure about the entertainment part of it. We got to feed, pet and take a ride on an elephant in the moonlight, very beautiful, but it kind of makes me sad that they can't just be free. But what do I know. 

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