Tuesday, 11 October 2016

listen to this - Speakeasies' Swing Band!

Hallo bloggy! I'm planning to post about my trip to Europe pretty soon, but I've been super busy with school-work since I came home so I'm being a good girl and prioritizing that right now. And watching season 9 of Doctor Who, obvs. But here's a song and most importantly a video that I recently stumbled upon that I think describes my week dancing at a castle in Germany pretty well. I never heard this band before but they are pretty amazing, right? The dancers here preform three styles of dancing - blues, lindy hop and solo jazz, three of the dances I do. But not as well as this obviously. Plus the two main dancers in the video  (Kevin and Jo) were teachers at the camp, although I didn't actually have them. They are just fabulous!

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