Saturday, 29 October 2016

things I have thought about during two weeks on Bali

We are back home from our honeymoon to Bali now, so no more low quality photo-packed, not-super -interesting-for-anyone-not-going-there posts. Phew. But just to finish off, a few thoughts.

Having a job where flip flops are part of your uniform would be pretty awesome

Milkshake is a really good thing. Like better than most things

I can actually function ok without glasses as long as I don't mind a bit of blur and don't get too self concious about the cross eyedness. Like, I can handle a water slide without glasses. And as long as I haven't spent 4 hours in a row surfing on my iPhone

I do not like papaya 

I'm not a huge fan of monkeys, either

I want to check if we can find some of the amazing trees and palms we've seen here back in Brunei to have in our garden 

I prefer pool water before seawater any day. Still. 

They talk about the peace and quiet of the forest, right? Well the rain-forestisn't quiet. There's this bug, a cicada or whatever, that makes a noise like a band-saw and it's horrible! I'm so glad we don't seem to have that one in Brunei

Being to cold is better than being to warm. Being to warm makes me panicky. 


  1. Haha, gud vad jag kan känna igen mig i många av ovanstående punkter. Alla lärda på Bali också. Gillar heller inte papaya, eller apor eller när det är för varmt/fuktigt.

    1. alltså det här med varmt/fuktigt måste jag ju bara vänja mig vid snart. Svett torkar ju så småningom liksom! :D