Thursday, 24 November 2016

a weekend in KL

Last week Andreas and I, quite spontaneous, decided to take advantage of a good plane-ticket offer and some bonus hotel-nights and book a weekend trip. The excuse being a celebration of me finally having my dependent visa in order! Yay! So we actually spent last weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Again, I haven't gone through the "real" photos we took we our "real" camera and anyway thousands of photos from someone's vacation isn't all that fun so I'll just post a few of my iPhone pics.

We didn't make a lot of plans before going, we basically just wanted to eat a lot of good food and maybe get some Christmas shopping done. Oh and Andreas needed to buy some diving gear too. Not having a car here in Brunei makes these things - shopping and going out for a meal - not so easy.

We stayed at Mandarin Oriental hotel, right next to the Petronas towers, which meant we had easy access to a few nice shopping malls and restaurants.

The first day we decided to go on separate shopping errands and then met up for lunch (tapas) and a visit to the Aquarium. Both me and Andreas really like animals so this was one of the few the we had decided to visit before going here. 

There are some pretty freaky creatures in the sea, right?

The next day the whole city center was full of people protesting against the corruption in the government and we decided to stay out of it as much as we could. We walked (no taxis available that day + roads shut off) to a big park where we found among other things a butterfly-garden and a bird-park. This is also where you can find the botanical garden and planetarium but we didn't have time to visit those this time. Again taking selfies with representatives from the animal kingdom was our priority. 

To make sure we'd get some proper food in KL we had made a couple of reservations beforehand. One was to the restaurant in the hotel Shangri La's foyer which was pretty fancy. None of my food photos came out good, but we ate an eight course tasting menu that was... alright. The food was sure well made and stylish, but I'm pretty sensitive to texture and some of wasn't my taste. I wore a pretty dress though, so let's have a look at that instead. From Lindy bop. 

Talking of food, though... Our hotel had the best breakfast buffet! I mean, besides that time in Utrecht ( howI miss that brown long hair and fringe!) when we got champagne and strawberries for breakfast, this beats everything. They had - among many, many other things - a pancake/waffle bar. Yes you heard me. It was heaven

On the last day we only had one thing sceduled, afternoon tea, but before that we did another touristy thing, went up the Petronas towers and had a look at the view. It was nice. But, not in any way spectacular. Plus it was sort of expensive and you had to stay in a group and for a certain time and we got a bit bored. I've read somewhere that you should go up the TV-tower instead, maybe next time.

We finished off our weekend with afternoon tea a at St. Regis hotel. I ate so much and had so much tea, but I love this. It's like having a "fika" for hours and with champagne.

The next time I go back to KL (which is only about 2 hours away) I'm planing to check out the possibility to dance Lindy hop... that should be fun!

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