Wednesday, 9 November 2016

diy: hanging planter from a light bulb

we don't have windowsills in our house, so finding places for all the plants I want to have here has proved to be a bit challenging... I've been searching my favorite inspiration-site Pinterest for alternatives and have found a bunch of good ideas there. This time I was inspired by a post from Green Obsessions and then made my own variation with some additions. If you want to do the same, follow the instructions on how remove the fill-tube and inner glass-seal from the Green Obsessions post, and be careful! I'm so glad we have a little workshop in our storage room so I can play around with stuff like broken glass and such without it being too much of a catastrophe...

Anyway, once the bulb was cleared up and cleaned I made two small holes in the metal and attached a jute string so I could hang it up. With the help of my glue gun I covered the rest of the metal part with the same string, this also helped hiding the glue and metal wire I used for securing the string for hanging the bulb. I think this turned out really nice. If I had more bulbs - I don't - I would have made more! I like how you can see the roots from the cutting.

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