Friday, 4 November 2016

I'm pretty sure I should get myself a hobby

Remember how well I had thought through what I needed to do to get acclimatized here in Brunei? How clearly I understood that I should dive right in to it and start trying to meet new people? Well. I don't want to. I'm incredibly comfortable just hanging around the house, working on my courses, doing small home improvements, reading, going on walks, working in the garden and so on. I'm great at being alone. Also, I'm not alone. Andreas comes home for lunch everyday and I'm constantly surrounded by cats. And if I need to talk to someone else I just text a friend or family member back home. And I do have a few acquaintances that I think might become friends in a while. I'm fine! But I guess I should get some kind of social hobby anyway. It's kind of expected, I think. And the truth is, in a way I miss it. A proper activity. The past few years in Stavanger I had two major things that took up most of my spare time, outside work: Lindy hop and roller derby. These two hobbies gave me the opportunity to travel to various places all over Europe and I got to know some people that are now among the best friends I've ever had. Plus, I got a lot of exercise! I honestly never thought that could happen, you know, finding your thing, once you are a grown up. And I miss that, a lot. But what are the chances I can find something new like that again?

still my favorite spot

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