Wednesday, 16 November 2016

link love: blogs I like right now

I've been following many of the same blogs for a very, very long time. Many (like Niotillfem, Elsa Billgren, UnderbaraClara) since I began reading blogs and started this little diary of my own back in 2009. But the past few months I've found a couple of new ones, probably because I have so much more time to read blogs now... Anyway. Most of these are Swedish, but a few of them are worth following just for the photos, so check them out!

I've noticed that I am more and more drawn to blogs written by people who are not as "famous". I still really enjoy the "bigger" blogs I've followed for so long, but it's harder to identify with them now, some how. I tend to read more blogs with less followers these days, partly because their everyday lives are more like my own, and partly because they just feel more personal. I like blogs that are quite general, and I don't really follow any pure food blogs, or fashion blogs. My favorites are the ones that mix a little bit of everything, like DIYs, outfits, life hacks, personal opinions, tips on what books to read, what podcasts to listen to, and so on. Then the blog becomes more of what a conversation with a friend would be like, and that's pretty awesome. Most of the blogs I follow are created by creative, smart, feminist women and I like how getting perspectives from other people's lives can inspire and broaden my own horizons. Plus, I'm so impressed of how professional all these people are. These blogs all look so polished and the content is of very high quality.

OK, so I've followed Polichinelle for way longer than a few months, but she is so awesome I wanted to mention her anyway. This music-teacher/vegetarian food lover is funny, down to earth and just makes so much sense. Love her. She shares a lot of vegetarian receipts and the occasional outfit, but without focusing on consumption. She's brilliant. 

Well, this is actually another one I've followed for a year or so, but who is also so awesome I want to mention her specially. Sandra is such an inspiration. She creates beautiful and manageable DIYs and if I ever start liking to cook I'm sure I'll try some of her receipts. She's also seems to be a very smart, logical and sensible person with good taste. I was totally inspired by her to buy the glasses I'm currently wearing by the way, and I love them. 

Another Sandra! This one is quite new in my blog feed. A combination of poetic, personal language and photos that makes me want to be better at documenting my own life. Oh and to live in her apartment. I love the pictures of her home and the thoughtful way she writes about big and small things in everyday life. It's also a big bonus that she lives and writes about life in my old hometown Göteborg, a place I sometimes miss A LOT.

Beautiful landscape photos. Just stunning. Jonna moved away from busy city life to find a new and simpler one in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. She lives with her fiancee and bunch of cats and dogs and documents all of this in fabulous photos. She's also a very talented painter and inspires me to pick up the paintbrush again...

This is another one of the newer ones, for me. I don't remember how I found Elin's blog, but it was via another blog, recommending it. This is one of the more specialized blog that I read, focusing on digital technology and how to use it. Not only is it a relief to see a young woman writing about this, the blog is generally very informative and inspiring. I'm not super in to some of the things she writes about, but there have definitely been some cool tips and recommendations! Elin also plays roller derby wich kind of makes me like her even more...


  1. ibland fattar jag knappt att det finns människor som gör så här fina saker. blev väldigt rörd av din text om mig och vardagskonst. tack så hemskt mycket.

    1. men vad jag blev att du blev glad! :D