Saturday, 12 November 2016

new eyewear

A while back I went on an online shopping spree at ExtraOptical (not sponsored). I needed to update my eye-wear wardrobe for my sunny Brunei-lifestyle. Just before I moved to Brunei I got myself a new pair of glasses after consulting with my eye-doctor and optician, and now I decided I also needed updated sunglasses with the same prescription. The kind of glasses I need that helps with my cross-eyed-ness are usually quite expensive, but luckily buying glasses online means they get a lot cheaper, of course with the drawback that I don't get to try them on. But I've been buying a lot of my glasses online (the ones I use every now and then to get a bit of variation in my looks) and I've yet to send a single pair back. I usually buy my everyday glasses from a "irl" optician though.

Anyway. I had hoped the glasses would be finished when I came home to Sweden a month ago, but turns out they arrived one day too late for me to bring them. Here's what finally ended up in Brunei after my mom was kind enough to send them to me!

I'm really happy with them. I have always loved aviators and I wanted a retro pair as well, to go with my 50s and 60s summer dresses. Both pair fit, although I might have to adjust the pilot ones a bit, but most important - I can see really well with them! Yay!

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