Monday, 7 November 2016

#ootd monstera monday

It's been such a long time since I showed an outfit on the blog! So why not start this week off with a nice green ensemble I wore to match our backyard today, otherwise spent jogging on the beach, doing errands with Andreas over lunch and then mostly sitting in front of the computer studying.

I'm finally figuring out what I'm comfortable wearing here, with the heat outside, the AC-cold inside and what-not. I've have moved so many of my "old" clothes to storage and updated with a few new pieces. This is one of the outfits that I feel most comfortable in right now. It works both inside and outside, pretty much. Inside it's nice to be covered since there's always a draft from the air-con. This tunic is thin and breezy and work pretty good with the heat outside. Also I'm totally in love with all things palm, monstera or tropical flower patterned right now. So this one is a win. Bought at indiska in Sweden this summer. And well, tights are just comfortable. I can't really wear dresses or skirts without tights under because of sweat-issues, so this is a nice compromise.


  1. Den klänningen är så fin! Skulle önska ett överkast, en matta eller kanske sängkläder i det tyget.

  2. ja visst är den! Mina ögon skannar alltid av affärer efter tyg med palmblad eller monstera blad, vare sig det är inredning eller kläder. Finast ju!