Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Hello bloggy. It's Tuesday today, but right now one day is pretty much the same as the other over here. Which I'm totally fine with. I finally feel like I'm getting in to routines for the weekdays now at least, even though they are pretty loose. I'm working out a bit more, running on the beach every now and then in the mornings before it gets too hot, and then going to the gym or swimming with Andreas in the evenings. It actually feels quite ok, it's so much less boring working out together with someone. And then I study during the days of course, but one ff my courses is already finished (it came as a bit of a surprise) so now the workload is pretty light. I'm spending some time looking for Christmas gifts online as well. That's nice, even though it's hard to imagine Christmas being just a month and a half away when you live like we do. Strange.

Three good things today:
  • This afternoon me and Andreas are going to another house here in the area and have a look at a palm tree they want to sell. Since we all of a sudden have a huge parking lot just opposite our house there's a lot more people driving by here and we want to screen our garden off as much as possible. So we might buy it. 
  • We are going on a weekend-trip to Kuala Lumpur this weekend and tonight we're going to look around for some restaurants to book tables at. My mouth is already watering...
  • Speaking of food, I had a pretty tasty smoothie bowl for breakfast this morning. Blueberry, frozen banana, apple, almond-milk and blueberry juice. I like how after some experimenting last week I'm finding some favorites. 

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