Tuesday, 8 November 2016

what i'm actually doing here

Well, maybe you have wondered, and maybe you haven't. But here's a post showing a little bit of what I've been up to this fall when I haven't been traveling, i.e. what I've been doing in my courses. Because it's not all just Pokémon Go and lounging on the terrace, I assure you!

My first course is called Typography, Form & Graphic tools and it's been really interesting. We have access to video lectures and I really enjoy learning more about this. Mostly we do shorter exercises and nothing fun to share here, but I've definitely picked up some very helpful tips for working in InDesign. Plus learning about typography has been way more interesting than I expected. 

The other course, Introduction to Graphic Design has also been above expectations. This course have been the most fun, with really interesting, relevant and creative assignments. So far I have been working in InDesign, Illustrator an Photoshop to complete them, and I've been picking up a few new skills on the way. Unfortunately (or not, really) I have been traveling for quite a big part of this semester so the I haven't given the assignments all the hard work they'd deserved. I've completed them all, but I haven't spent near enough time on the creative processes, so the concepts have been a bit on the weak side... 

The first thing we did was three different business cards that had to include a portrait of ourselves. I'm not super happy with how my cards turned out, but here's what I look like as a illustrator illustration. Although, I see now that the colors here look totally off. Darn. I still have a lot to learn about CMYK and RGB...

The second assignments was fun: creating a band-logo, plus LP cover and band poster for a fictional band. I chose to work with a swing band, called the Swing Cats Cradle and here's what their debut LP looks like.

The third assignments was an essay and not. my. best. work. Let's leave it at that. I got a pass grade, so that's OK.

Finally, I just delivered a complete graphic profile for another made up client, this time I came up with a Norwegian translation agency, called Translett. I got inspired by my friend Alison! Anyway. We had to design a logo, business cards, stationary plus merchandise and that was a lot of fun! Again, I was in Bali for two of the three weeks we had to do this so I felt a little bit rushed in coming up with the concept. I feel ok about it, although in the end I think this logo communicated "travel agency" rather than "translation agency"... Oh well. This is what their stationary would look like:

Anyway. It's been fun and totally worthwhile so far. And now I have applied for more courses on the same theme for next semester. We'll see what i end up doing. 

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