Friday, 9 December 2016

A few random good things this Friday

Friday again! Even though my weekdays and weekends are quite similar these days I've always loved Fridays... And here are a few good things about this particular one!

Today ate my breakfast In front of a documentary about Iris Apfel on Netflix. Such an inspiring lady! And this have made me want to watch more documentaries, I believe there are quite a few good ones available. 

Next thing: I got accepted to all the courses I had applied to for next semester! Except for one that got cancelled. Now I just have to chose which ones to actually take. I have applied to five and I think taking three would be possible... Maybe four. 

Speaking of courses: I spent some time today planning and making a schedule for a typical "work week" for next year. I hope to get in to an even more set routine so I can get more out of my weeks. Feels promising.

And finally: For the first time in forever I ran 5 K this morning. Good work me! 

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