Wednesday, 21 December 2016

bathroom art

I while ago I told you that I was looking into buying some new prints because I thought our walls were a bit empty. Well, here are three of the ones I ended up buying! They all ended up hanging in the bathroom, a room where I think people should definitely hang more art, we do spend quite a lot of time in there. I didn't find a good way to display them other than just sticking them to the walls with adhesive.

This bathing lady (Hydra by Sofia Bonati) is totally gorgeous. Reminds me of that time in Bali when I had a spa treatment that included a bath stuffed full with citrus fruit and mint-levaes. 

I suddenly have an urge to buy flamingo-everything. This (Flamingo by Daniel Taylor) doesn't really have a bathroom theme, but the bright colors worked so nicely in here against the pale blue walls. And, randomly, matches my cute robe hanging on the door! 

This one (Men's Room by Scott Listfield) is just so perfect. An austronaut visiting a urinal, placed just above the toilet. The theme is obviously spot on, but the color shceme is also just right for the rest of the bathroom. I love the idea of having this pretty thing in the perfect location for some people to gaze upon while doing their business. Made by Xxx

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