Friday, 16 December 2016

four Netflix series you might not have seen yet...

...and that all ended up having some connection to Doctor Who...

I'm sure you haven't missed that Netflix is like a fourth family member to me. We hang out every day. (I am considering to also adopt HBO but haven't so far.) Netflix is primarily good for tv-series, in my opinion. I don't like the search function really, it's too hard finding new movies, but for some reason (probably because that's what I've been watching a lot) Netflix is really good at suggesting new tv-series it thinks that I should see. Lately I've been looking in to a few of those tips and here's what I think if them:

I just finished watching season 2 of this criminal drama after going through the first one earlier this year. I usually don't watch this kind of series much, but being a Doctor Who fan, I started watching because David Tennant plays one of the main characters. This isn't one of those American crime series (like CSI or Criminal Minds) where a big gang of detective geniuses solves one case per episode, this reminds me more of darker, slower paced Scandinavian police series. The characters feel more human (although - hopefully - exaggeratedly flawed) and you grow to care for most of them. The first series revolved around the murder of a young boy, and part of that carries on into this season, but there's also other mysteries going on. It's a well made, captivating series. Not uplifting in any way, but good. I like the relationship between the two main characters, the detectives Alec (David Tennant) and Ellie (Olivia Coleman). And, as a bonus, there are at least two other actors from the Doctor Who universe in this season: Arthur Darvil (Rory) and Eve Myles (Gwen in Torchwood).

Penny Dreadful
I'm going to be honest here and admit that the only reason I got my eye up for this series was, again, that a Doctor Who actor is in it. This time it's Tennants co-star Billie Piper (Rose) who here plays a lady of the night, Brona, with a broad accent as well as vocabulary. But, her role isn't huge and there are certainly other actors in it that make an impression. You might recognize Josh Harnett and Eva Green, and there's even an old James Bond, Timothy Dalton! This series is described as a horror series, and I agree. It's quite bloody and gory every now and then. Excessively so, even, sometimes. You will recognize several of the characters that show up in the show, the whole series is like a mash up of Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula and other scary stories of Victorian England. It's supernatural, which I like, and quite dark. The costumes are beautiful and some of the locations pretty amazing.

The Crown
This one is a little bit outside of my usual type of series. But I do enjoy a costume drama every now and then. And, of course Doctor number eleven is staring as one of the major roles. Matt Smith plays the husband of princess Elizabeth later to become queen Elizabeth the II. This first season (it's to be a second season soon, and as far as I understand six seasons in total) covers mostly the first year of the queens reign. This is an extremely well made series with beautiful costumes and wonderful scenery. And drama! Of course it's hard to tell how historically accurate the script is, but I'm fairly sure at least the major points are and as such interesting more than just entertaining. I like Claire Foys' Elizabeth but my favorite (except Matt of course) is John Lithgows touching interpretation of Winston Churchill. I haven't seen him in anything but comic roles before so this was a pleasant surprise. 

Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency
When I first saw the name of this show I was like...  hang on... I recognize this. And I'm pretty sure I downloaded the novel this series is based on at some point, but never got around to reading it. The story behind the show is written by Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, you know) and it's equally absurd, confusing and fast paced. There's a pretty dark humor at some points, and it's kind of violent, but also funny. The plot is really hard to explain, but basically Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) is this weird dude that shows up out of nowhere in loser boy Todd's (Elijah Wood) apartment after he has had a really strange day where he witnessed a murder scene at the hotel where he works, gets fired, sees himself - from the future? - and has his home vandalized by strangers. It's good, believe me. OK, so the one thing I do have against this series is actually related to... you guessed it... Doctor Who. I just think that the character Dirk Gently is a little bit to similar to Matt Smiths Doctor. Quirky, making up new words, tall and skinny and innocent looking, British...

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