Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I've read: the seed collectors

By Scarlett Thomas

Yeah, so this was a weird one. The first half of the book I really liked, the weirdness was all good, but then it escalated and became a bit too much even for my taste. And then I'm a person that usually enjoys weirdness. 

Anyway. This is the story of a family, or at least people who are more or less connected with each other. Like, husbands and wives, childhood friends, cousins, children, grandparent. The story changes perspective quickly, being told from by the eleven year old, food obsessed tennis playing daughter in one part of a chapter, the next it's the 40-something, hunky, bachelor uncle, and so on. The back story is that the mothers of three of the female character disappeared while on a research trip looking for some unusual plant when the girls where only children. The whole story revolves vaguely around botany, but mostly it's about the more or less intricate relationships between the characters.

Anyway. This book was ok, not awesome. I didn't really like any of the characters. I mean, they were real and well written enough, I just didn't care for them much. They constantly annoyed me with their choices and behaviors. And again, it just turned weird in the end, without saying too much. The language is really good though, and I could actually relate to some parts, so that was a plus.

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