Friday, 2 December 2016

my favorite apps

I'm totally addicted to my iPhone. I love it and it's with me all the time. The reason is not only because it's my way to keep in contact with people on the other side of the world but because it helps me keep track of my to-do's, stick to my routines and obviously, provides an almost indeterminable source of entertainment. 

Here's what my two most used frames of my iPhone looks like. The apps are sorted by function, theme or, in some cases, just color. On the first page I have my social media, photo and entertainment apps, on the second my fitness, list and generally handy apps.  And here are a few of my favorites right now:

I've used for buying audio-books for several years, but only recently downloaded their app. Now I have access to all of my Audible library and just have to download whatever book I want to listen to again from the cloud. The downloading part do take some time obviously, depending on wi-fi connection, but at least I don't have to connect my phone to my computer and download via iTunes. Another drawback is that you can't actually buy books via the app, so I have to go to the homepage, buy the book there (I have a membership so at least I don't have to go through the hassle of paying, that happens automatically). and then go to the app to download it. But still, easier access than before.

BBC news
We don't have any TV channels and don't subscribe to any new in paper-format so sometimes I feel I need something a bit more substantial than the very selective news I pick up via Facebook. This is a great app for that and I notice that I tend to read more Asia-related news bow than before... The stories are quite brief but the app always gives you related stories to click on if you are interested in a topic.

Yeah, running has never been my thing. I've never liked it. But with this app I got a program, a voice that tells me what to do when I'm out and when to do it and it keeps a record of my "progress". It makes running just a tiny bit fun and since I've always like competing at least now I can do it with myself.

Way of Life
One thing I have noticed since I started living this life where I'm home all day and don't have an office to go to is that my routines are completely gone. And I needed something to help with that. This app helps you set up goals for your week - you decided them completely by yourself - and then the only thing you do is you check off the list. Did you do that, yes or no? It gives you an overview of you good an d bad habits and it's actually quite helpful. For me one of the most important one was "brush my teeth twice a day" since I always forgot to brush them after breakfast. Usually I would do that before leaving home to go to the office, but now I just stay home it's so easy to forget! I've actually set a reminder for this one so everyday at 10 there's "did you brush your teeth Annika, did you really?" message on my phone and it works! Other habits I have in there is go to bed before 11 pm 5 days a week (I never keep this one), use floss twice a week (I'm getting better at this one) and running 3 times a week (eeeh, not always).

Dreams diary
I've always enjoyed my dreams, to some extent even my nightmares. They are often vivid, absurd (obviously) and makes me wonder about how my brain really works. Fun though. But lately, expecially since I've gotten the habit to brows through my phone every morning before leaving bed) I tend to forget my dreams as soon as I wake up! This little app, shich is pretty much just a note pad, is a reminder for me to just jot down a few lines about the dream and that is often all I need to remeber the dream later.

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