Wednesday, 14 December 2016

slow start

Before we moved here and I could begin with my student/non-employed life I had big ideas on how much of my time I would spend being creative. Now, my studies ended up being more creative than I had hoped for, and I guess writing this blog is also a creative outlet, but except for that I haven't really gotten started with the creativeness. I have no-one but myself to blame, to be honest. I have the space and most of the materiel for it, I just haven't prioritized it. But now I feel I'm slowly getting in to it. 

My plan is to start painting with acrylic paint again (it's been several years since the last time) plus have a go at water color and Promarkers, both media where I'm pretty much a novice. The trick to get my motivation is to find inspiration among images I find while browsing the web. My first-in-a-long-time try at acrylic was just that, based on a photo one of the girls I follow on Instagram posted. It had such a nice composition and feeling to it I immediately took a screen dump and saved it. I've started playing around with the color and it's great, because I totally feel the joy for painting again. 

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