Sunday, 18 December 2016

tack som fan, kent

Some times sitting here on the other side of the world, following how the lives of my friends continue and pass me by, hurts. I miss them, obviously, but there are also things I just wish so hard I could have been a part of too. 

In my life there has been one band that has had a bigger impact than any other. I started listening to Kent when I was fourteen, because my friend Alex did. It didn't take long for me to become a fan. I bought all of their albums on CD and learned all the lyrics. I don't usually go to concerts, but I've been to four of theirs, usually with my old friends Hanna and Minna, and all of them have been magical experiences. 

I played OWC loud in my bedroom when I had broken up with my first boyfriend. When I was fifteen, the song Livräddaren was on repeat the whole night when me and a group of friends had a sleepover after a party. The album Isola was constantly played on my Sony walkman on long buss-rides to school when I was sixteen and seventeen, and should have studied French grammar or Spanish verbs instead. I used to force my family to listen to the latest album in the car home on Christmas Day, after I had revived it as a gift.

On the 6th of February this year a friend of my mothers sang Kents Utan dina andetag during Andreas and mine wedding ceremony. 

Kent - Slottskogsvallen 2007
I haven't really been listening to them for the past years. So many of their songs are melancholic and I guess I haven't needed that kind of music in my life as much. I still love those albums I used to listen to as a teenager and in my early twenties but I actually haven't even heard the latest two albums. Since I moved away from Sweden seven years ago they just haven't been on my radar. But they are the only band I ever really have been a fan of (well, them and Metallica I guess). Yesterday Kent played their last ever concert. And it breaks my heart a bit that I didn't get to see it.

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