Thursday, 1 December 2016

this years whishlist - stuff for our home

Hello December! Christmas month! To be perfectly honest, I have zero Christmas feeling. Not so strange since it's constantly around 30 degrees Celsius here and Christmas isn't celebrated in Brunei, so no ornaments or trees anywhere. But. That hasn't stopped me from starting to buy Christmas gifts and, maybe most important, figuring out what I want to put on my wishlist. I'm not going to pretend I don't love getting gifts. I love giving too, and I'm loving that part more and more for every year, but yes, I'm still quite childlike when it comes to Christmas gifts.

We are going home to Sweden over Christmas and when my dad asked a few weeks ago if I could send a wishlist (yes, we still do that) my initial thought was "I don't really want/need anything" or "it's just going to be a hassle trying to transport things back from Sweden", thinking I finally had grown too old for enjoying the gifts as much as I used to, but then... I started thinking... and for sure there are things I want! I just had to change my mindset a bit from the usual "what would be nice to have" to "what am I really missing" or "what can't I find here that I need". I ended up with a bunch of useful stuff on my Pinterest wishlist-board, and well, after some serious browsing I ended up with quite a few items from the "what would be nice to have" category as well... But that's all right. Coming up with a wishlist is fun in itself, it's not just about getting the stuff. I ended up with so many things on my list that I'm actually splitting this into three separate posts (I know, I'm a greedy little person!) and I'm starting this off today with stuff I like for our home. 

 I chose a "few" things to highlight here on the blog,  maybe to inspire someone else, and while compiling these collages I realized there are a few trends...

1. hanging planters ( / 2.  frame (Lagerhaus) / 3. canvas flower pots (Granit) 
 4. pillow case ( / 5. fabric baskets (Lagerhaus) / 6. watering can (Lagerhaus) 
7. golden flower pots (Lagerhaus) / 8. tropical leaf prints ( / 9. banana-leaf shower curtain (

10. poster hanger (Lagerhaus) / 11. Mab Graves print ( / 12. cat mug ( 
13. jewlery hanger ( / 14. mesh hanger (Lagerhaus) / 15. mesh basket (Granit) 
16. Simon StÃ¥lenhag print ( / 17. box (Lagerhaus) / 18. flamingo lamp ( 
19. bed side lamp (IKEA) / 20. Bokkei print ( how obsessed I am over banana-leaf (and other tropical) prints, that I all of a sudden like stuff ornamented with flamingos. Other than that many things are quite practical and based on real needs, like how I can't find flower pots here, and that I need more frames for posters and prints. Oh, and then the actual posters/prints. I talked about all of these artist in this post, but again, Mab Graves, Simon StÃ¥lenhag and Bokkei are just so super talented I want to wallpaper our entire house with their stuff. These three a favorites though. 

Next wish-list post will be all about entertainment, stay tuned!

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