Tuesday, 6 December 2016

this years wishlist - fun fun fun!

We are almost a week in to December and it's time for another look at my Christmas wishlist! I'm finally getting back to reading actual books again, and me and Andreas do enjoy the "occasional" movie-night. But books and DVDs are not that easy to find here. Hence, the necessary entertainment part of my wishlist! Including a few other well themed bits and bobs:

1. City of Dark Magic- Magnus Flyte / 2. Fangirl t-shirt (skreenedtees.com) / 3. Iron Man 3 
4. X-files season 10 / 5. Thor - the dark world / 6. The Bone clocks - David Mitchell 
7. Doctor Who official cook book - Joanna Farrow / 8. Batman vs Superman / 9. Captain America, Civil War
Basically, as long it's either Doctor Who related, a Marvel film for my collection or a book with any kind of supernatural elements, I'm good.

10. Promarker pens / 11. Harry Potter and the cursed child - JK Rowling / 12. Tardis ear-studs (Etsy.com) 
13. The color master - Aimee Bender / 14. The thinking woman’s guide to real magic -  Emily Croy Barker
15. The best of Graham Norton / 16. Jungle Book / 17. Vampires in the lemon grove - Karen Russell
18. Buffy-pin (gimmeflair.com)

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