Wednesday, 7 December 2016

three super basic items that you should have at home to make life easier

Every now and then you buy something that makes a way bigger impact on your everyday life than you had expected. You find yourself using/reaching for this object several times a day and can't for your life figure out how you lived without it before. Here are three of my items in this category. Feel free to be inspired. Maybe not by the sort of un-sexy photos, but by the function. 

Lo and behold, our broom. Oh how I wish this was prettier or went better with the rest of our interior, because it's no use I put it say ever. It just stand right next to our front door and I use it several times a day to brush away  sand that have escaped the litter-box or threads from the carpets that the cats keep pulling out. One major reason for why this is working so good for us is that we don't have any thresholds, not even at our front door. I guess it wouldn't work as well if we'd have those. 

I introduce to you: a trash can. We keep this one in the kitchen, right next to the counter where we prepare all of our food. Both me and Andreas are amazed on how much easier it is to keep the kitchen clean with this compared with just keeping a trash can under the sink. I mean, we actually use this one, instead of collecting things on the counter and then at some point throwing it away. I think it's both the fact that it's so big and doesn't get full as fast and that it is actually visible that makes it more user friendly. 

And last but not least: the candy jar. I've never really been able to keep candy for long without eating it all up, but this actually work! We now have a tradition of taking just one candy (it's usually fudge in there) with our after-lunch-coffee during the weekdays and it's such a nice tradition! It feels a bit luxurious and just knowing there's always candy there just makes life a bit easier and fun. Every now and then we empty it all at once, but that's also ok, sometimes you just need a lot of fudge. But then we make sure we refill it so we can have our nice little tradition during the weekdays. Everyone should have a candy jar. Or a cookie jar, I guess. That would work too. 

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