Saturday, 3 December 2016

Two places you need to visit in the south west of Sweden

It's already been over two months since I was in Sweden, but I found these photos in my phone and remembered that this was something I wanted to blog about!

If you find yourself in the south west part of Sweden, in the area of Fritsla and Skene to be exact, there are two places you should visit if you are interested in interior design and antiques:

Fritsla tyglager

This place is hidden away in the tiny town of Fritsla, but it's a biiiig shop over three floors with loads of lovely things. They sell home decor and fabric and I wanted everything. No, not really, but I did leave feeling a bit frustrated that I couldn't buy stuff for the simple reason I couldn't fit it in my luggage and bring home to Brunei. I did buy a few small things though, so it wasn't all bad! But seriously, such a nice place!

From their homepage: 

"Specialité; Vrakgods från tidens hav, skönhet i förfall, spillror ur det förgångna"
"Specialties: treasures from the sea of time, beauty in decay, fragments of the past"

This is the place where you are sure you would find a magical amulet, a flying carpet or at least a cabinet with a secret back door to Narnia. It a mesmerizing jumble of super old stuff, 70's lamps and old, dead animals (which I of course do not support. Animals are not ornaments, whether they are alive or dead). You will see things you remember from your grandparents house, thing that you think should actually be in a museum and things you just have no idea what it is. European mixed with Asian, African and then a polar bear head just because. And you can buy all of it, if you have to money. I left with only a leaf-shaped brooch from the 50's but that made me happy so I'm all good. I mean, just looking at this crazy horse/dog/lama in the last picture just made my day, again.

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