Thursday, 15 December 2016

winter styles

I must admit a small part of me is envious of the cold weather in Europe. For the one and only reason that fall and winter outfits usually works better with my style. Or the style I used to have anyway. I miss wearing skirts with thick tights, cardigans and scarves. I do not miss having wet feet,cold hands and a red nose so it's not all bad living here, but the aesthetics of winter clothing is just so... cozy!

I was going though some old photos the other day and found a few outfit-pics from Stavanger.So, because clothes are fun let's have a look at a few looks of winters past. What's the point of only being able to enjoy a good outfit for one day, right?

in 2014 I had long brown hair and bangs and was wearing a lot of prints!

This was one of my go to "architect outfits" that I'd typically wear 
if I was attending to a client meeting or something.

Cat plus cat-print and a fake-leather skirt

One of my all time favorite dresses, with squirrels on it. 
And mustard tights, oh!

I miss being able to have that hairstyle! A that thin, knit sweater 
over a denim shirt looks sufficiently preppy, right?

Looking pale and chilled in a vintage skirt and holding smoothie. 
On the terrace. In February...

I started off 2015 being a brunette and wearing pretty coats, big scarves and dresses with flowers.

Mom's old coat from the 70s, vintage scarf and dress.

Dress and burgundy tights from Monki. 
And hair on point

Then, in the fall, I turned blond and only took crappy outfit selfies in the office toilet mirror. 

And once wore this amazing 60s dress to a party. One of my better looks of 2015, I must say.

2016, the year of contrasts... My work outfits got more and more boring, and I never felt like properly documenting them. But on the other hand I was dressing up like crazy in cute vintage-y styles for all of the dance events and parties I went to. I remember one party outfit especially...

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