Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I have read: Spelreglerna

By Jonas karlsson

This book is actually in Swedish, but it feels weird to change language for just one post do I'll just do this in English even tho they this book isn't available in other languages as far as I know...

This a collection of short novels with different themes but with one thing in common: in all of them there is something off. Like, the world is our real world but one premiss has changed that makes the story more or less absurd and surreal. One of the rules has changed and suddenly the game is a completely different one and you feel lost. Like what if you suddenly got a bill in the mail, where you are instructed to pay for all of the emotions and experiences you have felt in your life. 

I didn't know Jonas karlsson as a writer before reading this book. In Sweden he is more well known as an actor. I've always liked him in that capacity and I think it was while watching an interview with him on tv that I found out he also writes. 

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  1. Sounds great! Hope it's available in English or German soon...