Tuesday, 24 January 2017

just stuff

Hello. Here's a perky selfie I took this morning in the bedroom mirror, before I realized this was going to be an annoying day.

Look at that confident victory sign and cocky posture, in spite of a wrinkly shirt and chipped nail polish... Oh if I only knew...

Our internet connection has been properly shitty for the past two weeks. And well, I can totally survive without internet, especially since I can use the 3G on my phone for emergencies (like reading and writing blog posts, checking Instagram and using messenger) but doing the work for my courses is almost impossible. "Luckily" I have a lot of course literature to read while waiting for a better connection, but I have video tutorials to watch, programs to down load, assignments to deliver... It's stressing me out. And it's making me annoyed! 

I also have the infuriating problem (possible also based on the crappy internet connection) that my Runtastic app has frozen in some kind of updating mode and won't start. I can't even delete it to download it again. And since I'm obsessed with tracking things I'm not even going to try running without it. A run not tracked is a run not run, as I use to say. I've been trying to solve the issue for two days now but nothing works. Stupid poop app!

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