Sunday, 22 January 2017

my creative challenge #1 DIY Wall planters, painted pots and other things

OK, so time to summarize how creative I've been the first weeks of 2017!

The month started a bit slow, I mostly spent time cleaning up in our office to prepare for the new semester. Not very creative work but nice to get it done. But then this past week I really got started with a few projects, mainly for our bathroom and office. I haven't been painting or drawing much, hope to change that for the next update.

Fabric in a frame:
I found this frame in a thrift shop over a year ago. It was brown then and didn't have any glass in it, but I saw the potential and spray painted it gold. I then actually used it to display the seating arrangements at our wedding party! Combined with a piece of tropical fabric I bought in Sweden this summer it turned in to a very nice decoration for the office.

Small chest of drawers makeover:
I believe I've had this piece since I first moved away from home. Back in... 2009 (?) I decorated it with pages from an old Norwegian book I thrifted, but I've never really been a fan of the grey frame. I've been pretty fed up with the look of it for years and now I finally got around to fix it up into something a bit more neutral. I had scrape the paper off and then sand it all down, but it still looks a quite uneven if you take a close look. But I don't really mind, it's better now than it was before. White spray paint for the frame, leftover window-frame paint for the drawers and black spray paint for the

Updating a flower pot
It's hard to find nice flower pots here! Most people seem to use just the faux terracotta ones. I didn't bring that many pots from Norway and I want loads of plants inside now so I guess I'll just have to make do with the red-brown plastic ones. Booo. I didn't at all like the look of the big pot standing on top of the shelf in our bathroom so I decided to give it a makeover! Acrylic paint for the win!

DIY bathroom wall planter: 
Another plant related thing! I'm going to make a full post about this because I'm so happy with how easy this was and how good it turned out, but here's a sneak peek.

I have a few ongoing paintings that I want to finish before I start something new. After giving this one some love on Thursday I can feel much more optimistic about the outcome than I did before.


  1. ÅH vad roligt att du valt att sammanfatta veckorna såhär, jag tror verkligen du kommer finna ett värde i det (det har jag gjort!) :) Så fint med många växtprojekt också och såna där jag-borde-ta-itu-med-saker som en går runt och tänker på nån gång om dagen men som aldrig blir av, förutan just i dessa förändringens tider i januari. Heja!

    1. ja, jag har verkligen redan fått nytta av den där extra kicken att "nu är det inte långt till nästa sammanfattning, borde rita lite eller nåt". Tack för inspirationen! :)