Wednesday, 18 January 2017

my creative challenge

When I grew up, people always told me I was creative. I liked to draw and write, not all the time or anything, but a bit more than most people, I guess. That was one of the reasons I thought becoming an architect would be a good idea. But, somehow, working with architecture and interior design for the past eight years have made me less creative. Don't get me wrong, I was good at my work. But the longer I was working the more I ended up doing more of project management and client contact work than the really creative stuff. I started giving the creative tasks to my colleagues because I believed they were better at it. I never felt I had the time to just sit down, sketch, try out different solutions and play around with new ideas. Well, at least that's what it felt like. I got really good feedback on the work that I did, so it wasn't all that bad, but I've been dreaming for a while now about just playing around and see what I can come up with, see what ideas are hiding in my head. And doing it without being too restricted by time, rules, regulations, budget and other people's ideas. You now, reality for an architect. That has led me to come up with two plans for this year.

The first is one I had planned even before we moved here, and that is to start a portfolio of "made up" projects I will make based on different people I know. Dream-houses for my friends, sort of. Having worked mostly with interior solutions and exclusively with corporate projects for the past six years I long to get in to private housing, villas as well as apartments. That's what I was most inspired by when I studied and if I ever work as an architect again that's what I want to do. So I need to get back on to that horse!

My second plan has nothing to do with architecture and more to do with creativity. I want to set aside a few hours every week to work on whatever. I want to try new painting and drawing techniques, take an online course in photography or maybe build a new shelf for the kitchen. Preferably this is something I do with my hands and not only digital work. To keep up motivation and maybe to force myself to actually do stuff I plan to have a recurring biweekly post here to show what I've been up to. In many ways this blog is just diary, but it sometimes helps me to get stuff done just knowing I want to have something to post. The idea of a summary post I stole from Alicia's blog, one of the blogs I've started following recently that gives me inspiration to be more creative. The first biweekly creativity summary will show up here on Sunday. 

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  1. Så fint skrivet! Blir så glad att läsa dina tankar och beslut. Önskar dig all inspiration!