Friday, 6 January 2017

my new years resolutions for 2016, how did it go?

When I wrote down my new years resolutions for this year I knew we were moving to Brunei but hadn't told you guys yet. So I knew it would be a weird year. But let's see if I did what I had planned:

Three experiences I want to have during 2016
  • getting married yep, check
  • visit a country in Asia  hehe, eh well I moved to one and have visited three others
  • go to Herräng Dance camp, again.  yass! Just sad my dear Alis couldn't make it this year
Three new skills I want to learn
  • how to sit in lotus position - Sukhasana, nooope
  • learn the Tranky Do (an authentic jazz routine)! nope,  but parts of it!
  • learn how to tap! eh, no. But I've practiced a bit. Not as much as I had planned though

Three new habits to aim for
  • stop snoozing,  weeell maybe that has improved a bit, lately
  • eat less meat. yes especially lately, there can be quite a few meat-free days in a week now
  • eat breakfast, regularly. yup, at least since we moved

Three health-related things I should do
  • figure out what to do with my cross-eyedness. eh, well, not really. I did try to put Botox in one of my eye-muscles, and I have new glasses that works better but it still seems I just have to learn how to live with it.
  • get my back back in order.  after 8 months of pain my back suddenly stopped hurting in April this year. Oh the relief I felt!
  • go on a checkup at a OB/GYN yes, check!

Three fun things I want to do more often
  • read (actually read, not listen to) books. yes, absolutely, especially since I quit my job
  • dance lindy hop, blues and tap, at any given opportunity. yes, I have. 
  • go on walks with my friends.  well, before we moved I went on a lot of nice walks with Emma and Tuulikki. Since the move I go on a few walks every now and then but mostly to catch Pokémons.

Three creative things I want to start doing again in 2016
  • blog more! I actually think it's fun, but 2015 was a really lazy year, blog wise. I hope to remedy that in 2016. 2013 and 2014 were strong blog-years for me, and at least 2016 was better than 2015! Since the move I've been better at updating, right?
  • paint. Both with acrylic paint that I've tried quite a lot before, but also with water colors that I think is really tricky. Maybe also draw... No, there hasn't been pretty much any painting. I'm starting to get back in to it a bit now though, I think.
  • taking more pictures with my DSLR, and make photo-books and albums our cameras have been pretty well used during our trips, but I still would like to get better at documenting our everyday life in a more professional way. Maybe I'll take a course this year? I have made two albums though, on from our wedding and one about the first 6 months here.

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