Thursday, 19 January 2017

so, what about this blog?

Sometimes I wonder if I should try to grow this blog a bit. Like, when it comes to followers I mean. At this point I don't think it's realistic that I will post more frequent, but sometimes I think it would be nicer if more people read what I actually post.


I haven't told that many people that I have this blog. My closest friends and family, sure, but I haven't connected my blog to Facebook or my Instagram-account. The reason is that I don't really want people that I know just a little bit to read it. Either I want it to be my best friends or complete strangers. I can't really explain why, and since I now have been blogging for almost eight years I guess I should just get over it. Because is it really worth it, spending as much time as I do here, if only people I know read it? People who - probably -  already know what I'm doing via other social media?

Then again, this is my diary. Although a very cleaned up version of one. I keep it mostly for my own benefit. I can do whatever I want here, and that feels good. Inviting more people here opens up for judgement and trolls, and if that happened I would probably just quit blogging. I know many of the choices I've made in my life would annoy people and well, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable dealing with that.

But then there's also that thing about every new follower, comment or save - it makes me so happy! I sometimes giggle in front of the computer when I notice them. I guess I get a comment maybe once a month. It's is so rare and so nice. The few comments I get are actually usually from "strangers" rather than friends, since the latter usually send a message if they want to react to something I have written. 

So. Do I have any plans? Well, sort of. I haven't decided what to do about "advertising" my blog more. I probably wont. But I do want to blog regularly this year, because I like it and blogging some times gives me an excuse to do things, just to have something to blog about, rather than just watch Netflix for a day. I will continue with the same varied content; travels, cats, movies, books, life in Brunei, but I will maybe try to write a little bit more about what I'm doing on a more professional level, as well. Here are a few other goals I have this year:
  • blog at least 3-4 times a week
  • come up with a few recurring topics/blog posts
  • try to get even better at interacting with other "small" bloggers and maybe even find a blog-friend
  • start posting better photos. Right now the majority of the photos on this blog comes from my iPhone. I want to change that.

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  1. For very selfish reasons (I admit): Please don't stop! Love reading your blog - so much fun, entertaining, informative, inspirational!