Monday, 16 January 2017

the spring semester

A new semester means new challenges... I am going to continue studying even this year. I've learned a few lessons from the fall semester and have decided to take twice the amount of courses to keep busy while also try to get better at keeping my working hours. I could have spent a lot more time on the courses I took last year, but my discipline wasn't awesome, plus two long trips in the middle of the semester made it hard to keep a nice workflow. 

This year I have already made a schedule for how much time I want to spend studying, that I hope to keep. I have chosen four courses within graphic design and image processing. A normal semestr in Sweden equals 30 credits and these courses will end up at a total of 37,5 credits so it might be a bit much. Depending on what other activities I'll end up doing I might have to drop a course, but as they are not all overlapping in time I hope to manage.

Besides studying this semester I have some vaguer plans on keeping up my architectual skills and working on my creativity. I have a few more or less "real" projects to work on, helping out my cousins with a summer house extension and possibly doing some "project managing" for some people here in Brunei, but I mostly plan to just do stuff I think is fun. I want to develop my skills in the software I usually work in - Revit - and will probably dive in to some tutorials. Plus I'm planning to start designing my own, and maybe someone else's- dream house. When I studied to become an architect what I most enjoyed was working on housing projects, but I have never really done that in my professional life. So now I'll have a go at that, even though the projects will not be real. 

All in all I think I have an exiting, and maybe a bit too ambitious, semester ahead of me. Wish me luck!


  1. Men ååh, så spännande vår!

    1. jamen jag vet! Fast idag - dagen då tre av fyra kurser börjar - känns det som om jag tagit mig lite vatten över huvudet... eeeh. Men det blir nog bra.