Thursday, 9 February 2017

DIY wall-planters for a small bathroom

Guys, this is seriously the best DIY I've done, when it comes to effort in relation to outcome. It's only time consuming in the sense that it takes some time to collect part of the "ingredients" but you could probably solve that. Anyway, I was inspired by various wall-planters I've seen on Etsy and Pinterest and after I'd done this one for my office window from a light-bulb I knew I wanted to do more similar ones. Problem was I didn't have any more pretty bulbs. But since I am a collector of various junk I had a solution for that! As I don't have access to any fancy hardware stores or DIY shops I have to work with what I got.

What I wanted was a way to decorate a wall in our bathroom. The bathroom isn't very big and it's a little bit "cold" as it is completely covered with light blue-grey, fake marble tiles. We have a lot of ceiling height to work with, but not a lot of space to add furniture, and as we are not allowed to drill holes in the tiles there's not a lot we can do to all of this wall space.

Here's what you'll need:

  • a bunch of small clear plastic bottles (I collected hand-soap bottles for a couple of months because I liked the robust quality of the plastic and the simple shape)
  • jute-string
  • small, descrete adhesive hooks
  • glue gun

Try to get as much of the labels and glue from the bottles. This is actually the hardest part of this whole project... I tried a few different methods but nothing really worked and I ended up with slighlty damaged and "cloudy" looking plastic. Oh well, you can't really tell in the end.

The next step is to attach the string to the bottles and create a little loop that the bottles will hang from. I actually didn't tie a single knot here, the glue is the only thing keeping the string attached to the bottles, but so far it has worked out fine. I only used glue on the side of the bottleneck that would end up against the wall to create a cleaner look. 

And here is the finished result! I hung the bottles evenly spaced out, "climbing up" the wall o next to the toilet. This little plats installation takes advantage of the good thing in the bathroom - the ceiling height - and as the bottles are plastic and very light there is no problem for these adhesive hooks to hold the wight of them. And even it they were to fail and the plastic bottles wouldn't damage the floor if they were to fall. I am really super happy with this.

The cuttings in the bottles are from plants we had from before in the bathroom and I really like how you can see how the tiny roots is starting to grow in there. 


  1. Så himla vackert det blev! Plus, är det vandrande jude jag skådar? Skulle du vilja byta bort en stickling? :)

    1. men tack! Blev skitnöjd. Och visst är det Vandrade Jude, men gissar att de inte heter så här i muslimska Brunei... Hade gärna skickat stickling men tror inte de hade överlevt en månad i ett kuvert! :D